My Thoughts

“If you can't write clearly, it is my opinion that you don't think very clearly.” - Mark Sellers

Putting pen to paper

I utilise Twitter as a virtual notepad to scribble my thoughts on business and investments. Distilling one’s thoughts in 280 characters forces the mind to focus on what’s critical.

Besides my musings on business and investments, you’ll also find plenty of excerpts from books that resonate with me and retweets of interesting articles. 

"I realized early on when I started investing that if my goal was to buy the next big thing and I only made a handful of investment decisions a year, I was going to go home frustrated most days. Instead, I redefined the quest to understand business a little bit better every day"

"All of risk is a function of price, but the game selection by narrowing to monopolies and oligopolies is we’ve reduced one very important variable – competition." - Yen Liow

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