My Thoughts

“If you can't write clearly, it is my opinion that you don't think very clearly.” - Mark Sellers

Putting pen to paper

I utilise Twitter as a virtual notepad to scribble my thoughts on business and investments. Distilling one’s thoughts in 280 characters forces the mind to focus on what’s critical.

Besides my musings on business and investments, you’ll also find plenty of excerpts from books that resonate with me and retweets of interesting articles. 

Great and quick guide on ingredients that go into growing businesses

Problems that occur when one tries to get to a place at an unsustainable pace.

Knowing when to be in optimisation or exploration mode.

“Once I make decisions, I act on them quickly because it is only after you act that you know if it was right or wrong — then you slowly tweak your actions. What you decide might not be 100 per cent correct but you can tweak or refine things to make your decision better...

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